Gei Wai Harvesting

Mai Po Reserve

On this visit you will explore the gei wai inside Mai Po Nature Reserve and discover the traditional management practices of these tidal shrimp ponds. You will even have the chance to be involved in the shrimp harvest. The gei wai at Mai Po are the last remaining in Hong Kong and are an example of sustainable use of wetlands. Don’t miss this opportunity, sign up for Gei Wai Harvesting today.


Itinerary includes:

  • Introduction to gei wai culture
  • Sunset views
  • Gei Wai Museum
  • Gei Wai Harvesting
  • Shuttle bus service to and from Long Ping Visitor Centre

Date: Friday and Saturday (From May to Aug 2021)

Duration: 4 hours including travel time to and from Long Ping Visitor Centre. 


Mai Po Reserve