Ninepin Islands Excursion

18 Jul, 2020
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The Ninepin Islands are a group of rocky outcrops at the edge of the South China Sea. Formed several million years ago by relentless wind and waves, the islands are home to some wonderful land forms and striking hexagonal rock columns. The boat trip first visits north Ninepin Island to see up close these stunning columns and other unique rock formations.

The excursion continues on south Ninepin Island at a sea arch developed along a fault. This island has a larger area to explore, including the Tiger Mouth Cave and a tiny Tin Hau temple. After visiting Ninepin Islands, the tour heads over to the Ung Kong Group for sight-seeing.

The main sights here are the sea arches of Bluff Island and Basalt Island, and the shoreline of Wang Chau with its many sea caves and well-exposed hexagonal columns. A visit to the sea arch of Jin Island is also included - this one is wide enough for small vessels to pass through, but only if the sea is quiet can this be done safely. Finally the trip will circumnavigate the islands to view their spectacular cliff scenery, with snorkeling opportunities inside the geopark!