Oceans Celebration

Hoi Ha Wan

World Oceans Day will be celebrated on June 8th, 2021. Join us as we take you through a month of special themed activities to learn more about our oceans and explore the underwater world in Hoi Ha Wan!

Did you know that Hoi Ha Wan is home to more than 60 species of corals? Come and explore the coastline through a guided beach tour and the coral communities aboard our glass-bottomed boat. This weekend falls on the annual competition called the City Nature Challenge, where participants from all over the world take pictures of plants and animals on the free app, iNaturalist.

During this Eco-Visit, we will guide you on how you can contribute and help Hong Kong become WORLD CHAMPIONS!


  • Visit the only marine research and education centre in Hong Kong located directly on the water.
  • Guided tour of the local sandy and rocky shores of Hoi Ha village to discover the local wildlife.
  • Coral observation inside the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park through a guided tour on our glass-bottomed boat.

Date: Oceans Celebration dates: 1-3 May, 15-16 May, 22-23 May, 5-6 June

Duration: 3.5 hours

Hoi Ha Wan